Shower Dad with Love


Shower Dad with Love

Every year a particular date is set aside to honor dads.  Take the opportunity to really love him up!  Be his best cheerleader and create  memorable moments that fill him with love. Keep it simple, special and easy for you.

Here are some ideas to help make a positive difference:

  • tell him how much you respect him and are so happy he is the father of your children
  • love him in the way you know he wants to be loved (Five Love Language quiz helps you find out)
  • ask dad to set the pace and orientation for his special day, choosing what he’d like to do and with whom. Some prefer downtime; others relish lots of activities. Go with his desires and help him to soak in his day as he prefers.
  • have your children help you make and serve breakfast in bed for dad
  • decorate to celebrate:
    • make a poster and hang up some balloons
    • decorate with a theme of your husband’s favorite interest, ie. football, great outdoors, fishing, etc.
    • cut out and hang up the letters for Happy Father’s Day. Inside them, list attributes of dad, ie. fantastic, funny, amazing, adventurous, tickler, thankful, helpful, hilarious …
    • paint a window with water paint
    • paint the garage door with water paint
    • chalk up the driveway or walkway
    • write on the bathroom mirror with lipsticks
  • have dad choose his favorite meals for breakfast, lunch and supper
  • ask dad what he’d like to do on his special day and help make it happen
  • bake or buy his favorite dessert
  • shower him with hugs and kisses
  • at meal time, ask each person to recount a favorite memory with dad
  • help him to relax
  • gather the family and think of all the qualities you love about dad, ie. he’s so kind to drive me places; I love dad’s jokes …   Write them down on slips of paper. Hide them in secret spots around the house (in his sock drawer, in his desk drawer, inside one of his shoes, inside his jacket pocket, etc.)  Makes for many surprises over several days.
  • design your own coupons to present to dad on his day, ie. Free car wash; free hugs; free munchies and movie; breakfast in bed.
  • buy a special gift for dad and then create a treasure hunt with the help of your children. Look up riddles for the home so dad has to figure out the clues. Write them down on paper and burn the edges to make the clues look ancient. Put each clue in a box with his favorite candy and wrap up. Everyone will enjoy going around the house finding clues and arriving at the best treasure.
  • put dad’s favorite candies on each plate at meal time
  • print out some of your favorite pictures of dad with his children and display them
  • create a shelf where you display all the items that remind everyone of dad, ie. baseball glove, his favorite books and music, his hat, etc.
  • have the kids make some water balloons and see if you can plan a secret attack outside when he least expects it
  • get him his favorite comics/magazine to enjoy
  • record each member of the family doing something special for dad: playing a musical instrument, singing a song, telling a joke, recounting a story etc.  Years ago we recorded our family praying together while dad was absent. Now that recording has become a treasured memento and also something to listen to while driving to help us pray.
  • get your children to make a home-made video or slide show for dad about why dad’s their hero.

Be creative. There are so many inexpensive, fun things we can do to personalize this day for dad. Get your children involved. Have fun. Laugh and enjoy! You don’t have to do a lot, but make the thought count.

Also find a way to honor your own father with a visit if possible, facetime if he is able to, phone call, meaningful card or gift. Family is our biggest treasure and dad’s appreciate being loved up by those who mean most to them, especially as they age.   Even after death, it is good to pray for them and recount all they did for us and thank God for them.

Don’t limit yourself to Father’s Day. Grab more opportunities to express admiration, love and respect for dad. Birthdays, Father’s Day, return home after a business trip, congratulations for achievements at work, or just to surprise him for no special reason.  Dads need to know their efforts, long work hours, sacrifices and dedication are recognized and appreciated.  Make a difference. Be that difference!

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