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Consider submitting your family photo and testimony as well. Share with us a favorite family past-time, why you love being a mom or something you would like to share with other women about the joys of family life. Enjoy this album. It is a tribute to mothers and fathers who cherish their greatest treasure– their family, no matter how small or large it may be.


We started our family almost immediately after we were married. I was still in law school at the time and I remember people asking me why I would get an education if I was just going to have children. It had never occurred to me that I could not do both. Now 12 years later and 2 more children I can honestly say it has been the best ride of my life. Family absolutely always comes first for both my husband and myself. We have structured our work to ensure we are there for the gymnastics competitions, Girl Guide meetings, Beaver meetings, Cub meetings, Karate, Soccer and school events. It can be hectic at times but that is all part of the fun of raising 3 amazing children. Our children know first hand that blood is thicker than water. The only people you can truly count on to have your back and be there 100% of the time, giving 100% of themselves is family.


My husband and I always knew that we wanted to have a family, and we knew that nothing could prepare us for the journey it would be. We were right; nothing would have prepared us for the excitement, challenge, and joy that parenting is. Being parents is uniquely rewarding, and the happiness we’ve felt watching our son grow over just these past few months is indescribable. Like anything worth doing, parenting takes effort and perseverance. Some days we snap at each other and some days we cry, but every day we laugh and giggle as a family. “Mom” is the most exciting and enjoyable job I’ve had, and the only one that I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


We have been blessed with 3 boys so far and the joy that they bring is unimaginable. Sure, raising a family is hard and requires a lot of sacrifice. But the challenges only make us better spouses, better parents and better human beings. Children bring so much hope for the future. Our home is chaotic, but full of LIFE! As John Paul II said, “Be not afraid.”


Family is everything. Having little kids and helping them grow up into responsible, fun, loving individuals is hard work, but is a way of life that makes you a better person. You cannot preach what you are not, so having children always makes you work harder as an individual and as a couple because you want to provide the best example you can give to your kids. It doesn’t mean that anyone is perfect; but as long as they see you trying your best, asking for forgiveness and getting up again, your children will be motivated for much good.


Time spent outdoors together is always a highlight for our family. Of course, movie nights with a ridiculous amount of junk food is also high on the list!


I am amazed every day that I could love so many little people, so much! Although there are many days of hardship, I wonder what I will do with myself when they are grown up…then again, I know I will be kissed by little ones that call me grandma.


From Preschool to University and everything in between, our family spreads out into the world bringing a part of our love and our life with them. Eight kids!! I would have said you were out of your mind if you had predicted I was to have so many children. Hey, I am an only child! But here I am, 21 years after that first miracle and still in utter awe as I gaze at the face of each individual child of mine. I am in awe of the God who could let me share His love in such a beautiful way and let my heart expand with each child, expanding in love for them, in love for my wonderful husband (every child brings us closer to each other), and in love for God.


Are there challenges with such a big family? Of course there are, but there are challenges in everything we do. Life is full of challenges and that is how we learn and grow. The family is the greatest way to test and then develop virtues and nursing skills and financial savvy and organization and multitasking and psychological skills etc!! Who needs a University degree? I have learned more than enough from the adventure of raising these children. Yes, it is an adventure and never a dull moment. We work hard as parents, but we are so rewarded: an affectionate, sticky toddler’s kiss; an ‘I love you‘ from a preteen; a knowing, loving smile from your teenage son; watching the older kids play with the little ones (the greatest entertainment!), watching a child grow up and help make our world a better place, and finally to grow old as parents always surrounded by loved ones and their loved ones. What a beautiful endeavor.


I can honestly say I love my life as a mother. My children have their faults (they are human and can drive me nuts!), but sometimes I look at them and I feel so much love that I think my heart will burst. Then I think about how God must feel about each one of us, His children, with our many, many faults, yet He loves us unconditionally with an infinite love. Parenthood gives us a real insight into God’s relationship with us. What a gift.


Being a mom is a constant learning experience, you learn about your children but also about yourself. The most recent thing I’m learning is being flexible without expectations. Also, being happy at the stage your kids are and not wishing for another time when they are over a period as each phase of their lives is beautiful.


When my husband and I married some thirteen years ago, we wanted to have children right away. However, these little ones took a while in coming. After our first, it took another four years before the second. Then we were blessed with four more – one right after the other. What a dream! Undoubtedly, I am living the happiest years of my life. The birth of each child has been met with such excitement in the home that I am certain the best toy for a child is…another child! Sure they fight at times, but they also learn how to resolve their differences, to think about someone other than themselves and to not need too much.


To be the wife to a loving, hard-working husband, and the mother of these little ones, have brought me my greatest joys. It is not an easy task. Many times I say that my children are bringing me up as much as I am trying to help them mature into strong, generous, loving people of integrity. And sometimes I do hide in the bathroom and plug my ears for at least a few seconds.


My husband and I decided before we were married that we would be completely open to the life that God willed to entrust to our care and that I would stay at home with our children because we saw this as a very important responsibility. When our children are young, every moment is one to discover and I am happy to be the one to share those moments. I bring that joy to my husband since I experience it so intensely because these are our children, not just any child. I think my being at home also affords my husband more time with our children. We have to give up some extras to be able to live this dream, but it is what we wanted. We always say that dad is the minister of external affairs and that I am a minister of internal affairs. We learned this from some wonderful friends of ours. I have learned so much (and am still learning) about management of finances, personnel, nutrition and time among other things. For example, the challenge to make our home a bright and cheerful one is faced daily – one moment at a time. We try to keep love alive in our family by saying sorry to each other whenever impatience or ill humor gets the better of us.


Sometimes the words of others tempt me to think that I am “wasting” my education by “just” being at home. But it is just a temptation, one that is, unfortunately, prevalent in society nowadays. Those are the nights that I sneak into the kids’ bedroom and contemplate what a gift each one really is and how beautiful “family” is.


Time flies. I chose to put my “career” on hold rather than my family. So many women around me have shown me that there is time enough to pursue those other interests alongside our children when they are older. When they have grown up, my husband and I will know that we tried to give them the best we could – not things, but rather family and ourselves. Still, I do try to continue to foster my personal growth. After all, one can only give as much as she has. We mothers at home must take care of our health, mental and physical, not out of selfishness, but so that we can give the best to those we love. My activities in the community are another way for me to use my talents.  But it is my life as wife and mother that brings me the most sublime joy. How many blessings I have received!


I chose to stay at home to create a loving atmosphere for my husband and children. Creating a home environment that makes one feel loved and learns to love requires thought and sacrifice. At one point, we chose to homeschool the children, as we are very interested in good academic training, wholesome literature, and history with a focus on solid character training. We choose to celebrate the children’s academic achievements by a little celebration in which that particular child chooses his favorite dessert and we all celebrate his hard work and dedication. Learning with the children re-opens our eyes to the wonder of creation around us and re-focuses our attention on the primordial importance of relationships. Building trust, openness, and service to others requires that I overcome myself. Truly, the work of a mother at home is more demanding and challenging than almost every other occupation if we approach it with a professional attitude and self-sacrificed dedication. This choice of profession has also allowed me to do volunteer work, start a mom’s group, run a fun faith-filled evening for parents and families, and work part-time as finances required it. I enjoy being active in and outside the home. I like to participate in conferences, parenting sessions and now in my children’s school. I have even found time to support a police officer in seeking the nomination for federal politics in two distinct races. It is amazing how much I can grow while being a mom. How much it has all enriched me.


After having my first child, many questions flooded my mind. Life had changed so much for my husband and I. We had worked together for many years building a business and now I was no longer there. My first instinct was to immediately return to work as soon as I found a suitable sitter. Being a self-employed business woman was all I knew. After one horrible interview after another, I became discouraged. My heart would not allow me to leave my new baby with just anyone. It was then that I met a wonderful woman with six children and some other incredible stay-at-home moms that inspired me. Through their example and encouragement, I received the strength I needed to try something that I knew in my heart I needed to do. Stay at home! This benifited our children and has improved my relationship with my husband. By my second child and 3yrs of motherhood, I clearly saw the importance of staying at home. I feel so blessed to now have three girls and be there for them as they reach their milestones. I wouldn’t want to be any place else!


I love being a mom of a big, growing family because life is never dull or boring at our home! Since we are busy keeping to a schedule from Mondays to Fridays, breakfasts are pretty simple for us during those days. But we make an effort to eat all together as a family in the evenings, even if it means pushing dinnertime a bit later than usual. Sunday mornings are also special because after attending the first morning mass at our parish, we all look forward to a big, family brunch with the works!


As a young professional in my early 30s, I’m a statistical and cultural outlier: despite my 8 years of post-secondary education, a master’s degree and a full-time professional job, I’m married (to a young professional) and have four children. Since most of my peers are single and childless, I’m often asked why I chose to have “so many” kids at such a “young” age. There are many reasons, not the least of which is the desire to leave a legacy, not only a professional one but also a human legacy of love. I’m happy to give each of my four daughters a sisterhood of love and affection that will support them for their entire lives, long after I am gone. With what appears to be a looming demographic implosion on the horizon, I’m pleased to produce healthy, well-adjusted citizens and future taxpayers that will (hopefully) grow up to make positive contributions to society and have stable, healthy marriages and children of their own. Lastly, I realize that my job will not visit me in my old age or attend my funeral, but I hope that my children and their children will.


Life is never dull with 6 children in the house and I declare to the world that it is actually possible to become desensitized to the noise that goes on in a family of this size. The dynamics have pretty much come to a balance with 3 boys and 3 girls on the premises. Our boys have climbed pretty much every tree on our 50-acre property and, might I add, the oldest two of our girls are right behind the boys, daring them all the way. The youngest of the clan, is, not surprisingly, the most easygoing of the bunch. I have to admit that homeschooling the lot of them has proven to offer its own set of challenges; we do so enjoy a good challenge. Our favorites tend to change with the seasons but our latest and greatest thing to do together is to make a daily break for the nearest waterhole to recharge our batteries. There is never a dull moment with this bunch and now that we have officially succeeded in producing our own soccer team/ musical group/ private school, we are a force to be reckoned with.


I had not really planned on being home with my kids, but we worked things out so that I could and I can’t imagine it any other way. I enjoy every minute of it–from tickles, to ballet lessons, to building a play structure, to running around the yard. Every little moment is precious and I don’t have to miss any of it! Family life has been a real joy. I treasure each moment.


If anyone had told me 21 years ago that I would be the mother of these 10 children I would have laughed and told them they were crazy– and yet here we all are. After 3 or 4 kids it began to feel like there should always be a baby in the house, because they are so much fun and bring out the best in everyone– especially cranky teenagers. As my own childbearing years come to a close, I think over what a ride it’s been and continues to be. It’s busy, quiet, noisy, insane, relaxing, inspiring, bewildering, peaceful, grueling, manageable, hilarious and prayer-filled– sometimes all in the course of one dinnertime! I’ve heard older mothers say they wish they’d had more kids– I know I’ll never say I wish I’d had fewer.


Our family has recently moved from a downtown apartment in a big city to a house in a very small town of 4500 people. Whether we are in the city or in a town, we like to spend our family time going for walks, rain or shine or snow. In rainy weather, we dress in yellow slickers, rubber boots and umbrellas and splash in puddles. In glorious sunshine, we spend time at the beach or playing in a park. Considering our three children are under the age of five and a half years, everyone is happy doing the same thing. My husband and I relax, hold hands and the kids get us all to themselves – no phone, no e-mail, no interruptions. Sometimes, we drive to a smaller town in the surrounding area to explore somewhere new. We usually try to have a weekly outing of this kind. That’s how we like to spend our family time together.


A precious moment when all our 13 children are at home. Time has passed and they are leaving the nest. Harder to have a family photo with everyone in it. Enjoy the special moments when all are home. They are truly a treasure.


When we look at our children, we marvel at how uniquely gifted each one of them are. They all contribute to making our home a special place. The richness of interactions in a large family makes each day a new adventure.


I love being a mom of a large family because we have such a wonderful time when we get to be together, especially now with two married and grandchildren to play with!


My husband and I have six children.  The first four are less than five years apart in age.  After a break of 11 years, we had two more children. A surprise and further blessing was that the 6th is a boy, after 5 precious girls.  When women found out I was pregnant in my 40’s, so many responded with enthusiasm and encouragement, and confided that they would have liked another. Needless to say our own children were overjoyed.  Children  grow so quickly and it seemed that no sooner had the two youngest arrived that the oldest ones were heading off to university.  I must add that their rooms at school are plastered with pictures of  their young brother and sister.  We are grateful our home will be filled with the joyful noise of children for many years to come.


‘How can there be too many children, that is like saying there are too many flowers’, said Mother Teresa. I heartily agree.


I was blessed to have a stay-at-home mother when I was growing up. I will always be thankful for the sacrifice my parents made for our siblings to have such a foundation. I in turn have been blessed to have the opportunity to do the same. We have seven awesome kids and we wouldn’t trade any of them for a nicer house or vehicle. Having children has taught us to love more deeply, and sacrifice more wholly than we ever dreamed. Recently our eldest left home for college. As I was settling her into a school 2000 miles away from us, I remember sitting in a quiet chapel asking for the grace to let her go. I had such an overwhelming thankfulness that I had her full time for 18 years. I thank God for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and be there for all I could possibly be, and am thankful for a husband who supports this calling. Yes, family is wrought with busy, noisy times. We ask that God allow us to grow to be better citizens by all we learn in the classroom of family life. It is the source of our greatest joy.


My family is one of Nature’s masterpieces.


Each child is such an incredible blessing – so unique and wonderful.  I love being a mom because it is just so much darn fun!


I’m glad that I became an elementary school teacher before getting married and having a family of eleven children. I wanted to be home with my children because I had fond memories of my mother being my main caregiver. I used skills learned for teaching in raising my children, but most importantly I was present for their many accomplishments and disappointments. Although it was a big sacrifice to leave my teaching career, the rewards were far greater as a mother knowing that I gave my time and efforts to those I love and am responsible for. There have been many precious moments that made all the difficult times bearable. My parents passed on their deep faith for which I am ever grateful.  Their example of putting our needs first over their’s in service of our Lord was a valuable life lesson. My children tell me their favorite times are when we are all together. I was blessed with an equally faith-filled husband who was also raised by his parents and always puts our family’s needs above his own.