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It is truly an amazing time in history to be a woman. We make a difference and can light up people's lives with our warm presence. Each of us brings something totally unique and feminine to every situation. Whether we are single, dating, married, or mothering, we are called to unlock our feminine genius and put our best foot forward. We have so much to give, so much to learn, so many opportunities to love and to grow. Live life with purpose. Fill it with love. Live it fully.

Being single, married, or a mom is not an easy thing. There is so much to deal with, and so little control. It does not take long to realize that there are no Hollywood solutions, no magic wands. It is certainly challenging to live life with integrity in today's world, yet it is very do-able. No matter how many mistakes we make along the way, we can always start again. Each day affords a new beginning. As long as we live, change is possible. Life is so worth living.

Marriage and parenting are incredible adventures filled with much growth and happiness. We have a great and noble mission, worthy of much support and affirmation. Our families are the bedrock of society and we have a crucial role to play on the home front. We are key players in the equation for success. We make a huge difference in the hearts and minds of all those who love us. We are irreplaceable and worth so much!!!!

10kids.com offers wisdom, affirmation, tips and more to help women find joy and success in their lives. Articles, resources, videos and audios are available at no cost. May they prove helpful.

10kids.com is just a friendly helping hand, offering a pinch of success to flavor lives with greater joy. Welcome and enjoy!