Kids and Sexuality Resources


Kids and Sexuality Resources


Abstinence Guide by Dr. Meg Meeker

Start Preparing for the Teen Years Now by Mary Beth Bonacci

The Neglected Heart by Tom Lickona

10 Emotional Dangers of Premature Sexual Involvement by Tom Lickona

Video: Romance Without Regret By Jason and Crystalina Evert (available through youtube as well) Excellent advice on overcoming pornography and sexual addiction, as well as dealing with stress, mindfulness, etc.

* * * * A superb audio to listen to is Parenting for Purity by Jason Evert.
It is jam packed with ideas, stats, and resources. Purchase as a CD or MP3.

Romance Without Regret by Jason and Crystalina Evert
This excellent DVD is a must see for all parents and their teenagers. A presentation on sexual honesty is given to a high school group of teenagers in a dynamic, funny, riveting and powerful approach that will help all understand how to find authentic love and sexual integrity. Either available in a secular format or Catholic format. You can also watch it on youtube.

Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Sex by Canavox

An excellent practical guide in helping kids on important topics with word-for-word explanations, conversation starters and more for the different age groups from pre-school to 18 years of age. Well worth getting to help you and your spouse champion these critical topics in today’s culture  – Theology of the Body Evangelization Team

A non-for-profit team that has  developed and created a positive, age-appropriate Theology of the Body (“TOB”) program for children ages preschool to grade 8. The Body Matters Series is an integrated program for families, faith formation, and Catholic schools so that there is consistency among these groups in forming young minds.

 Theology of the Body for Teens by Jason and Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler
This DVD series includes 12 dynamic 25-minute presentations, as well as a textbook and workbook for youth to appreciate and understand the wonderful theology of the body and how it impacts relationships, sexuality, and vocation. A 40-minute presentation and summary are provided specifically for parents. Separate guys and girls segments are designed to help the foster in-depth discussion of the material presented. This package is of tremendous help to parents, teenagers and all those who work with teens.

For Young Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn (written for girls 15-20 years old) Feldhahn addresses teen and college girls in order to help them understand guys through an extensive survey taken. Very eye-opening and engaging read to help girls understand relationship dynamics from a very natural perspective.

For Young Men Only by Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice – The authors bring out the facts of over 1,000 girls surveyed in order to help guys understand how girls are wired, what they want and how they really think. Very enticing and informative read from a very natural perspective. Written for teen boys and young men.

Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body by Jason Evert– Two booklets aimed at helping youth understand femininity and masculinity.

Pure Love by Jason Evert
A small, very inexpensive booklet that’s jam packed with excellent wisdom for tweens and teens on dating, love, and marriage. Wonderfully presented in a natural way with strong, logical reasons why we should save our hearts and sexuality for marriage. We give this to our kids a few months before starting high school. Available as a secular or Catholic read. Very good.

Pure Manhood/ Pure Womanhood by Jason and Crystalina Evert
Very small booklets, great for kids in later high school and going off to college. Available either as a secular read, or a Catholic read.  Helps them untangle mistaken ideas about themselves and the opposite sex. Great read.

How To Teach Children the Wonder of Sex by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke
A very old book written by doctors for parents of very young children to learn what, when and how to speak to their children about sexuality. Lots of great practical ideas.

Decent Exposure: How To Teach Children About Sex by Connie Marshner
This book offers practical tools for parents living in a sexually indiscriminate culture. It provides a good road map for young parents wanting to form their children in a healthy and positive approach to sexuality.

Real Love by Mary Beth Bonacci
This is a dynamite book for every Catholic teenager. Comprehensive, dynamic, very captivating. Candidly looks at friendship, relationships, and marriage in relation to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We leave this book lying around for our teenagers to leaf through.

If You Really Loved Me: 100 Questions on Dating, Relationships and Sexual Purity by Jason Evert
A humorous, friendly and blunt approach to sexuality, helping teens know the difference between love and lust. Evert provides straight answers to tough questions and affirms authentic love in the process. A great read for parents and teenagers.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris
This is a great book for high school and university students who are into the dating scene. Filled with numerous anecdotes and great perception, this book helps the reader deeply examine the purpose of dating, sincere love, purity and purposeful singleness. It is by no means “a downer”. An excellent read. You can find best quotes by Joshua Harris on-line to give you a feel for his writing style.

The ABCs of Choosing a Good Husband by Stephen Wood
The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife by Stephen Wood
It’s not easy to find a good spouse in our materialistic, pleasure-seeking, divorce-plagued society. These unique new books offer practical and insightful advice on how to choose a partner for life. Easy to read, engaging and full of insight. Great for teens, young adults and even older men and women who are wondering if the person they are dating is the right one. Order from

The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Girls and What We Can Do About It by M. Gigi Durham
In this researched exploration of the media’s exploitation of girls, Prof. exposes a pattern of teaching girls to attract and please the opposite sex while minimizing serious conversations about sex or equal gender roles in relationships. In her conclusion, she asserts that this cumulative “Lolita effect” is “a major factor in the high rates of teen pregnancy and STDs in the United States and many other countries. Durham offers practical suggestions, including sample questions for parents and children to counteract this phenomenon. A worthwhile read for moms of daughters.

Sexual Honesty by Christopher West
An outstanding CD that addresses the truth and meaning of sexual love. Although it is addressed to engaged couples, parents and young adults, even teens would benefit from the insight, common sense and reasonable arguments Christopher West makes in promoting genuine sexual honesty. Available through Ascension Press.

The Thrill of the Chaste by Dawn Eden
This book is for adults only. The author recounts her personal experiences during her lifetime and what led her to discover and treasure chastity. A great read for those adults wanting practical explanations on why someone would choose to live a chaste life or encourage their kids to.

How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk by John Van Epp
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the common sense approach this book took.  Well thought through, practical and insightful.

Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World – A Guide for Catholics by T. G. Morrow

The Exclamation: The Wise Choice of a Spouse for Catholic Marriage by Patricia Wrona
How To Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul: 21 Secrets for Women by Jason and Crystalina Evert – A super excellent natural read on the topic of love and intimacy. Filled with much practical advice. Very affirming, formative and engaging. Highly recommended.

Couples in Love by John R. Waiss – This book is a conversation between three individuals (a boyfriend, a girlfriend and a priest) who discuss the various issues for making a strong marriage.


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