Simple Kitchen Organizers

Simple Kitchen Organizers

  1. Organize your kitchen according to your workstations: mixing area, sink area, fridge area. Now think of each object according to where you first use it. Store things there. So when you make a cake, put all related items within immediate reach of your standing position. All things related to the fridge should go right beside it. Dishes should be near the sink. Etc. etc.
  1. For high priority essentials, provide one-motion storage, ie. You open the drawer or cupboard and can grab the item in one motion. Store things one layer deep or group similar things together in a tray, container, etc. Put your light unbreakable items on your high shelves (big bowls). Items not often used should be put to the back of the shelf or even out of the kitchen.
  1. Divide drawers to gain control. – You can buy ready-made drawer dividers or create your own using boxes, trays, containers, or pieces of cardboard you’ve taped down. Find a way to compartmentalize a drawer so that each object will have a specific spot to get placed in.
  1. Position a heavy jar full of frequently used cooking tools on the counter right beside your stove. It will save you time and make cooking easier.
  1. Try to use square containers rather than round so you can gain more space.
  1. Keep counters relatively free of gadgets and gizmos. It will always have the appearance of neatness and the counter will be easier to wipe.

An excellent book on this topic is:

Escape from the Kitchen by Deniece Schofield

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