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Well worth looking on-line for e-books, pdfs, videos  or quotes from any of these books to help you get started more quickly.



Confessions of an Organized Homemaker by Deniece Schofield
Numerous helpful ideas on work simplification, planning, scheduling, organizing and storing everything related to your home and children. Very practical. Although out-of-date on some things, the info gained is well worth it.

Confessions of an Organized Family by Deniece Schofield
Also a good resource on helping your family get things done – planning, leading, delegating, motivating and surviving. Excellent for those overwhelmed by small children.

Escape from the Kitchen by Deniece Schofield
Another gem totally focussed on your kitchen – dejunking, organizing, meal prep, grocery shopping, quick recipes, cleaning, entertaining, renovating.

Is There Life After Housework? by Don Aslett
An excellent book for someone trying to get an effective approach to all aspects of housecleaning with lots of ideas on working efficiently and systematically. Easy to read, lots of good ideas from the pros.

Make Your House do the Housework by Don Aslett
Worth reading for anyone hoping to do many renovations in the home. Good practical advice on how to minimize maintenance, increase durability and maximize your bang for your buck.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Tidying Up and Decluttering by Marie Kondo
A different kind of read on a great topic. Worth the read and insights gained.

Other titles that I have not read, but hear are fantastic reads:

Mrs. Clean Jean’s Housekeeping with Kids by Tara Aronson
Strategies and tried and true tactics to help you get your kids to help you do the chores– or even do them all by themselves. Easy to understand, down-to-earth, realistic for moms with kids of varying levels of co-operation.

The New Messies Manual by Sandra Felton
Helpful guidance and practical tips for transforming yourself from a mess into a clean.

Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise by P.Young, P.Jones, and S. Rozen
A book that helps people get organised and get the work done around the house by using 3×5 filing cards for tips, approaches, and cues.

401 Ways To Get Your Kids to Clean At Home by Bonnie Runyan McCullough
An excellent book for busy parents who would like to get their kids more involved in the care of their home. Great tips, strategies, and technique.

Sink Reflections by Maria Cilley
Written by the author who designed the website www.flylady.net to help women gain control of their house and life.

Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb
This book deals primarily with the laundry using no-nonsense tips for fabulous results. Linda Cobb has written other books on housecleaning that are worthwhile as well.



Clean & Organized Family Home – author of Mrs. Clean Jean’s Housekeeping with Kids book has a great website for moms filled with great advice.

We Organize U – Hellen Buttigieg is a professional organizer with a great website and a free monthly newsletter to help you organize your home, your office, and your life.

Home Advantage Plus – Home Advantage offers practical support for managing your home with a positive attitude and a professional approach.Their philosophy is built on the belief that caring for a home is valuable and vital work.

flylady.net Great tips, articles and free newsletter on housework, home management, organizing the kids, meals etc. Tons of information for working moms, home schoolers, new moms …

The Family Dinner Project – Excellent ideas on food, fun and family conversations for around the dinner table worth investigating.

Website offering recipes, newsletter, tips and lots of ideas on issues related to eating with your family. Can even download printable shopping lists for weekly recipes.



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