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The High Speed Circuits Group

The High Speed Circuits Group is composed of researchers interested in issues related to wireless technology and its impact on modern telecommunications systems, including the development of software and hardware for the implementation of high-speed electronic systems on Si, GaAs, InP and GaN.

Group Leader: A.P. Freundorfer
Contributing Members: Y.M.M. Antar, B. Frank, and M. Sayer

Former Student Members: Michael Laurenzi(Royal Military College of Canada), Bicheng Liu(Ciena), Ruilin Lan, Symon Podilchak( University of Edinburgh), Cenk Aytimur(Royal Military College of Canada), Bijumon Varkey(Apple), John Show (ITS Electronics), M. Bekheit(Wind Mobile), T. Chow (Micron), K. Hamed (Qorvo), Yi Sun (ITS Electronics), Dr. X. Tian (ComDev), Dr. H. Hammad (German University in Cairo), T.L. Nguyen (finisar), Y. Jamani (DragonWave), B. Lemna (Semiconductor Insights), P. Shearing, J. Lee (PCI technologies), M. Foxcroft (AMD), M. Keller(Semiconductor Insights), Dr. Dok-Hee Choi (Sogang University), B.Frank (Queen's University), Q. Shi(ComDev), Kyle Davidson(MASc), and Justin Chan(MEng), Justin Po(MASc) and K. Zelonka.

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