Podcast on Friendship

Podcast on Friendship

Recently my daughter-in-law sent me a podcast on friendship she said was a must listen. Her husband, my son, is a fan of Mind Pump and passed it to her. She really wanted me to listen to it.  Being an extrovert and having no problems making friends, I was skeptical. Because she said there were insights she had never heard before, my curiosity was piqued.  I found a moment when I was walking my dog to download the talk and hear it out. At first I thought, “Nothing new”, but as it went along I was so impressed by the practical and at the same time biological insights shared. I definitely learned a lot when it comes to making, choosing and keeping friends, as well as how to deepen friendships. Even his take on the benefits of having friends really impressed me.  What a great podcast! I’m hoping to listen to more from this attachment expert, but encourage you to check it out.  I saw he has recently done two other episodes for Mind Pump.

The podcast can be found on Mind Pump, episode #2195

or if you prefer visuals,  you can watch it on youtube.




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