Short, Sweet Investments

Short, Sweet Investments

A while back, I asked my daughter-in-law (who is a young mom of boys and who also has a blog called the G and J Show ) to suggest a resource for a young mom I knew who was struggling with discipline and had no time to read a book or listen to lengthy podcasts. She  immediately recommended a free app that provided cutting edge research in tiny daily doses to completely transform family relationships.

I downloaded it to check out whether it would be appropriate or not for my particular friend.  I was so impressed by its professionalism, easy bite size chunks and well-researched information presented in such a friendly manner.  The anecdotes were so familiar and the strategies were simple, easy to implement and made sense.  Some I knew, while others were new. Even at my stage of life (post-parenting), I learned a lot and had research presented to back up some things I knew to be worthwhile.  I started implementing the simple concepts more deliberately in daily life and found them transformational.  I could immediately see how this free App could benefit countless friends who were in all kinds of lifestyles (cohabiting, married, single parents — with or even without children), at all stages (parents of newborns, toddlers, school age, tween, teens) and in all situations of marriage (from very miserable to very happy and everything in between), regardless of their socio-economic or faith backgrounds.  I have been super enjoying the daily short videos that have helped me improve inch by inch in my own relationships and am much happier for it.

Be amazed by an app that will simply and effectively help you everyday to take a step forward to greater relationships within your family. Check it out and enjoy In Love While Parenting! They also have another one called The Happy Child — Parenting App (though I didn’t check that one out).  It’s never too late to start and you’re never too old to learn. I’m married over 35 years with 10 adult children and have found this tool very helpful. I am a big reader and appreciate that many of my top authors are part of the team that put this together.  May it help you and your friends find greater  happiness in the ordinary life of being family!

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