Take The Time

Take The Time

Maria Dooley, wife and mother of 4, is a proud and content stay-at-home mom. She has had her own business to beautifully stage homes for the real estate market, as well as organize homes efficiently for other clients.  Her energy, optimism and insight provide strength through the many adventures life affords her and she hopes this article will guide many women towards greater happiness.

One of my older lady friends once said to me “You know, our Life is like a coin, you get to spend it anyway you want, but you get to spend it only once.”

How true that is!  All people should take this to heart, but especially we who are moms.

We moms have a huge responsibility to use our time wisely.

We moms are the heart of the family. We have to make our homes the place where our family members can just hang out, relax, laugh, cry, share, and learn about life. Our homes should be the place where each member knows they are unconditionally loved, safe and secure—a safe and happy haven. Unrushed.

No matter what life brings, whether good times or bad times, you weather it together as a family. These ups and downs can become invaluable life lessons for your kids. Kids can learn to trust, to hope, to love and to never to give up, through your good example, words and actions. When you stick together, your family can become stronger and closer from the bumps along the way. Trust me, I know. I have done my fair share of weathering storms and we are still not done. But that’s not the point. The point is to focus on what’s truly important. Make a resolution today to focus more on your husband and kids, to spend more time together. Find real time together, no electronics. I mean the good old fashion ways.  Take the time to play cards, a board game, go for walks, just have a hot chocolate together, cuddle, listen to music, do puzzles. …. Just sit down and talk to your husband and kids. Find out their little and wildest dreams, wishes and fears. … You will be amazed. It might take your family some time to get used to leading a simpler life, a new unrushed, unstructured unprogrammed rhythm, but it will pay off big time down the road.

The beauty is, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. We can all do this. We can make more time available for the important people in our lives!

Now you might be already rolling your eyes, and shaking your head. How can I do this? You are working full-time, stressed, volunteer, have a million things to do, etc. Everything and everyone demands. I know, I know, but no matter what it takes, you HAVE TO take new steps towards slowing down, simplifying, pacing yourselves, finding that right balance again. You have to jiggle, adjust and change things so that time for marriage and family becomes more.

Of course, this idea asks sacrifices from you, but that’s life. Just be creative. Fight for it. Grab the bull by its horns.   Don’t get sucked in by pressures and examples of consuming, rushing and competing. Our society is so fast paced; everybody is always so busy rushing around and doing. I am always amazed how so many people have no time for a visit, for friendship, for a relaxing evening, etc. They have no time or energy and are too busy running and rushing around. Poor people.

Next time someone asks you what you did on the weekend, try saying “absolutely nothing”. Watch their face. It’s PRICELESS!!!!    Trust me, in the end it doesn’t really matter how successful you are in your job, how big your house is, how many trips you’ve been on, how expensive your clothes are, how many toys you have. The most important thing in life are your relationships. They are what bring us true joy, lasting happiness, real support. You need to give more carefree time to people. How vibrant is your relationship with your husband, your kids, your own family and how about with with God? Do you have friends, make friends, visit friends, enjoy friends? Do you get out to meet people? Do you use your time wisely for that?

Start today; it’s time for you to step up to the challenge. Have the courage to do things differently than society tells you to do. It’s never too late to start something good and amazing. Make your home your favorite place for your husband and kids. Take the time to enjoy your life and don’t forget to share yourself with the world out there. Open your doors to people, befriend them. Show and teach them what it means to be a family, to be a true friend, to take time to breathe and enjoy life.

I  think a lot of people have forgotten. … to enjoy Life, Family, Home, Friends, Time. … It’s truly an art.  Rediscover it and fill your life with happiness. You can do it!

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