Why Marriage Matters

People wonder if marriage is still a viable goal and whether it really matters in the light of all other options. Above, at a glance,  are the 30 reasons cited by the experts on why marriage does matter.  If you are interested, read the full report on WHY MARRIAGE MATTERS by prominent social researchers  to see the statistics that support these conclusions — very eye opening.

These conclusions definitely make marriage a worthy goal for those dating; but it also affirms and motivates those in marriage, especially to seek out greater help to persevere.  Recently I read an amazing book entitled Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly. He proposes that if we want a great marital relationship we should consider listening to audios on relationship building for one year in order to gain the tools, skills and insights to build a great relationship. He even suggested all couples to go to counselling, regardless of their happiness level, to just learn more insights into cementing and constructing an incredible foundation for their lives. When you read the full report on Why Marriage Matters, you might consider some of these ideas to make your marriage your bedrock, for yourself, your spouse, your children and for the greater good of society.

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