Hot Topics, Great Responses

Hot Topics, Great Responses

In today’s mixed up world, there are so many messages assaulting us on different lifestyles, choices and values. We can feel overwhelmed, confused and even lost. The voice of reason and real dialogue seems missing from the main square.   How important it is that we not live at the level of feelings, but take the time to study the situation and respond with calm, logic and common sense. Parents in particular have to step up in a timely manner to help their children navigate the minefield of  ideologies that are undermining family, marriage and sexuality.  We need to protect ourselves from manipulation and live a life based on truth.

Here are some great websites to quickly equip you to explain your core values with logic and common sense:

Dear Katy at shares short videos to help parents speak to kids on hot topics needed to protect family values and sexuality. also provides a fantastic reading list to help you articulate your values with greater clarity.  If you’re a keener, start a Canavox reading group with friends so more people will benefit.

Mercatornet offers articles on a variety of topics upholding human dignity and avoiding ideology

Jordan Peterson is a psychologist, professor and public speaker encouraging critical thinking, personal integrity and respect for freedom  for individuals and the public sector

Peter Kreeft is a philosopher, professor and public speaker providing a wealth of philosophical reason and logic to life’s perplexities.

Catholic Voices Canada is an educational organization assisting Catholics in correctly presenting the Church’s teaching in the social media and the public square.




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