Dating Ideas


Dating Ideas

The process of dating should help you find the soul mate with which you can spend the rest of your life. You will probably not marry the first person you date. You do want to date and get to know the other person fairly well. Lasting love is built on the strong foundation of friendship. Take your time to build that friendship. When you really love a person, physical intimacy can wait because you are so busy enjoying his/her personality. You honestly want to do what would make them most happy now and in the years to come. You don’t want momentary happiness, but desire an everlasting love. That takes time and investment. It’s good to have a game plan in mind that brings diversity and creativity to your dating.

Come up with your own list of things to do together that draw you closer, while safeguarding your integrity. Date with purpose. Cherish each other in many nonsexual ways that deepen your friendship and mutual respect. It will lead to romance without regret. Remember the best things in life are worth waiting for. Hold fast to your morals and you will have more success of finding Mr. Right.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

− playing cards together at a variety of venues: Starbucks, by the water, in a pub, at the library, in a park.

− enjoying board games with friends at their place, your place or somewhere else.

− going to the movie theater

− catching a concert in the park, at a concert hall, at a school etc.

− watching live theater put on by a local theater group, a school, a Broadway production etc.

− listening to your favorite music together

− cooking a meal together

− watch the stars on a summer’s night

− sharing your photo albums with each other

− babysit together

− meeting each others parents and siblings

− going for long walks

− walking through pretty neighborhoods when they are lit up by Christmas lights

− taking hikes on nature trails

− sharing a sports interest

− watching a sporting event at a local venue for free

− cycling a scenic route together

− visiting a museum, art gallery, tourist attraction together

− going to various ethnic restaurants to try their fare

− taking lessons together, ie. Ballroom dancing, swing dancing etc.

− joining a group together where you expand your common interests

− shopping together

− visiting your friends together and hanging out with them

− volunteering together for some charity you both are interested in supporting

− packing picnics to enjoy in the park

− getting tickets to see live professional sports

− renting a canoe, kayak or paddle board and trying it out

− trying horseback riding together

− checking out a local fair

− enjoying amusement rides when they come to town

− going to see a horse show, car show, garden show etc.

− working together on a hobby

− sharing books with each other

− playing a musical instrument for the enjoyment of the other

− making a puzzle together

− working on a cross word puzzle, word search etc.

− walking through the rain under an umbrella

− tobogganing in the winter

− skating indoor and outdoors

− enjoying the beach together

− playing bocce ball, volleyball

− building sandcastles together

− visiting a bird sanctuary and seeing how many species you can see

− going to a water park

− sharing family traditions and customs

− offering to do some small service together for an elderly neighbor

− praying together and attending religious events together

− getting to know friends, older family friends and neighbors

− visiting the places where you used to live, work, go to school etc.

− spending time with relatives

− visiting someone you know in the hospital

− bowling

− making a meal together for a family who just had a baby and then delivering it

− watching a sunset together

− sharing childhood memories

− zip-lining

− going to an art show

− helping a friend with some work around their property/home

− going sailing, taking a trip on a ferry, boat etc.

− visiting a special place of worship (shrine, church, synagogue, mosque etc. depending on your faith background.)

− getting friends together to play some baseball, soccer or other sport

− offering to volunteer together for a local charity, religious group or organization

− making something together, ie. cookies, jam, bread, etc. and delivering them to friends during the Christmas holidays or for special occasions.

− watching a comedy show

− going dancing

− watching a competition in a high school, college, university, local venue, or professional − establishment, ie. musical, sports related, improv, poetry, public speaking, art, food, etc.

− volunteering together to help with special Olympics

− painting a room together

− enjoying classical music

− watching some of the great movies of all times

− attending a masquerade

− going fishing together

− reading some amazing poetry together

− sharing the funniest memories you have

− shooting pool with friends

− playing ping pong

− enjoying a fun board game together

I highly recommend you take some time and write your own list based on your interests and aptitude so that you can truly enjoy the dating experience. Variety adds spice to the relationship. You get to see how your boyfriend adapts, enjoys and experiences a wide variety of activities. Different experiences provide different angles to get to know each other better. It will certainly help you determine if this is Mr. Right, while at the same time ensuring deeper friendship and safeguarding personal integrity.


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