8 Attributes Associated with Stable and Fulfilling Marriages

8 Attributes Associated with Stable and Fulfilling Marriages

by John Van Epp

The following is taken from a fantastic book entitled How To Avoid Falling In Love With A Jerk by John Van Epp. A super excellent read filled with much research and guidelines on finding the right person for a lifetime together.

M for Mature: Evidenced by the ability to delay gratification and put someone else’s interests before their own.

A for Adaptable: Flexibility with changes, a sporting spirit.

R for Responsible: Indicated by a track record of following through on various promises and responsibilities with many different people in many situations.

R for Relational: Companionship, interaction and interpersonal activities that are respectful, reliable and trustworthy.

I for Insightful: An ability and openness to see and understand oneself from other’s perspectives with a desire to improve oneself.

A for Assertive: A determination to express what is in one’s mind in appropriate ways with timing.

G for Giving : An enjoyment with making another happy.

E for Emotionally Stable: Normal ranges of emotion (i.e. few to no extreme moods or mood shifts) and a receptivity to the emotions of others with empathy.

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