Trouble Conceiving


Trouble Conceiving


It is not uncommon that couples have difficulty conceiving a child. We always imagine that when we want a baby, we can have a baby. Sometimes that’s not the case. Many factors affect us – stress, medications, hormonal balance, timing and much more. Did you know that Natural Family Planning services across the world offer couples a natural, morally sound approach to conceiving a child?  By getting to know and understand the fertility of both spouses, couples can optimize their chances for conception, while solidifying their marriage and love. Many are finding encouragement, hope and help through this safe, respectful and effective method. How about you? To learn more, contact a Natural Family Planning (NFP) service in your area.  NFP is reliable, easy to learn and inexpensive. Here are some places you can start with:

Billings Method of Natural Family Planning

Couple-to-Couple League

Fertility Care

Natural Family Planning Association

Serena Method of Natural Family Planning

Check  NaPro Technology  if you have had repeated miscarriages or other issues, like very heavy periods. I have had several friends who have benefited tremendously from this scientific approach to optimize their ability to conceive and carry children to full-term. Tweaking the hormones can do miracles!

There are also Fertility Monitors available to help you optimize your chance of conception during your naturally fertile period.  Check out Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor for example. Also a Free App called Femm might be of interest as well. It helps you track your fertility and have correspondence with doctors.

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