Managing and Saving Money

How you use your money can either alleviate or produce much stress in your life. It is good to get a handle on your spending habits so that you can channel your money in the right direction. Here are some excellent tips on money and debt management. Enjoy!

13 Tips to Eliminate Debt from Regular People who Paid off Thousands by Libby Kane.

Take this 14 Day Plan to Radically Improve Your Finances by Libby Kane.

How One Family Sends 13 Kids to College Living Debt Free by Erica Johnston  Excellent website to help you keep track of your money expenses.   Articles and information to help you be informed and proactive in money management.

Miserly Moms: Living on ONE income in a TWO income economy by Jonni McCoy
-Joni recounts how they made a successful transition from two to one income in one of the most expensive parts of America. She gives tons of excellent tips, strategies and even recipes in order to live a frugal and happy family life. Check out her website at:

Automatic Millionaire and Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach
People often ask me, Irene, how we can afford ten kids, the house we live in and two cars. These books hold the answer and wonderfully cheer you on to financial fitness. No matter who you are, what stage of life you are at and what your income is, you can benefit from this easy-to-apply approach.

The Couple’s Guide to Love and Money by Jonathan Rich
A practical easy-to-use workbook for couples who find their fights over money eroding their good feelings for each other. Filled with techniques to optimize communication and deepen marital unity. A great resource.

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