Starting a Moms’ Group


Starting a Moms’ Group

Being a mom is a valuable, important and challenging role. Even if we have come from a large family, there is quite a difference when we actually become the mom who has to be in charge 24/7.  In today’s society many moms are at home feeling isolated, overwhelmed and inexperienced. It is super great when a mom can befriend other moms and at the same time learn much about her new role.

Of course it is wonderful if you could just join a local moms’ group to have that regular fueling you desire. However it is not always possible. Lack of a vehicle, conflict in time, travelling distance, your schedule or number of children may make it difficult to get out. Maybe there is no moms’ group nearby, or maybe it wasn’t your particular style.

Consider then starting your own. The beauty is that you do it when, how often, with whom and about whatever you really want.  That is motivating! It need not be big. It can actually start off with just inviting moms over individually for coffee/tea with children playing. Then at a given moment you propose to have a few moms come together to actually talk about something interesting. Maybe for them, it might be to talk about MealTime Madness, or Handling Laundry, or Getting Kids to Bed. Whatever you choose, pick a hot topic to peak interest, get moms to attend and have a productive time. Then propose to get together regularly, whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Decide if you will host it, or whether others will rotate with you. Make a time that works for small children. Include either a snack or potluck lunch to make life easier for everyone. Ensure age appropriate toys for the children and set the group in motion. If you have many pre-schoolers, consider finding a babysitter so the moms can be more attentive to adult conversation. Regardless, see what works best for the group and go for it.

A moms’ group has much potential for friendship, personal development and positive impact on families. May you and your lady friends choose topics that are of big interest and a style of learning that works. You may choose to read a book together (many excellent ones on this website), listen to audios, watch a DVD, have speakers come, or just have discussions on various topics.  Any thing goes, as long as it’s relevant and helpful. Allot time for socializing as it’s super important to build friendships. We all benefit tremendously by having more girlfriends. We feel more accompanied, more normal and more at ease with our roles when we have others who share the same lifestyles.


Here is a program I made years ago for my moms’ group. It doesn’t require any books, but gets moms thinking, talking and sharing on important topics. If it helps you, terrific. You might just enjoy reading through it to gain a lot of ideas.

Moms’ Group Program

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