Exercise Ideas

Exercise Ideas

After my first baby was born, I felt really cooped up in my apartment. A friend of mine invited me to a post-natal fitness class at the local community centre. I took my baby with me and worked out for an hour. Boy was I sore the next day! My friend kept coaxing me back and I returned, just to have some place to go. Before long I made a lot of friends and started noticing I wasn’t so sore. Now I go regularly and am actually taking the pre-natal fitness class as I expect my second. I have far less health problems, feel much better and can’t believe the change exercise has made in my life. I also got a lot of great socializing out of it and made a lot of friends. Jan

I have two young children and feel stuck in the house most of the times. A girlfriend told me about a mom’s walking group that she belongs to. I never thought I could get out for some exercise and be able to take my kids with me. I bought myself a running carriage, put my boys in and away I go. Usually I can swing going out twice a week with this group. Because we are so busy walking and talking, I no longer notice all the exercise I’m getting. No more huffing and puffing for me. I feel 100% better and am beginning to look better too as I slowly lose some weight. I also enjoy all the tips I get from being with other moms. It’s been a great way for me to get exercise. We should all get out and start a walking group for moms! Fern

Everyone puts on pounds once babies come along. No different from me. It’s taking them off that is hard. I found a program that really motivates me because it appeals to my desire to do a lot of spiritual good for others. I was introduced to it when my son was born and am now running a program for couples with my husband. It’s been an excellent way to lose weight and grow in faith. Check it out at www.lightweigh.com It’s a solid Catholic bible study and weight loss program. It gives that added twist that motivates me. Diane

My kids keep me super busy. I started waking up a half hour earlier in the morning, immediately throw on my track suit, and head out the door to go for a run. I have never been a runner, but started off just doing ten minutes a morning. Now I am up to 20 minutes. I don’t go fast. I like it that no one is watching me. It’s bright outside. I feel safe and motivated at this time of the day. I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in a very short time. I’ve got so much more energy than I used to. Rachel

My husband has a hectic life with work and I am busy all day with my children. It has always been hard to find a way to get out to exercise. This year I started something new that has really helped me. A lot of my girlfriends felt the same way that I did–stuck at home, not knowing how to find free time to get out for exercise. We decided to all get up an hour earlier in the morning and power walk together in our neighbourhood.That way we don’t bother our husbands or kids. Sounds crazy and painful, but it’s been the most awesome thing. In the beginning, it was a hard go, but now we are into the routines of getting to bed at a more reasonable time, waking up early and getting together. We walk till a specific time and talk our heads off. It’s better than coffee. We come home fresh, alive and ready to conquer the day. Our families really like us in the mornings now. After the kids go to bed, I still have my time with my husband and just get to bed earlier. I actually get more accomplished in my day and feel better for it. Who would believe that getting up earlier would be the solution for me! I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years. Maria

I have a large family and have put on some weight. Although I’m busy all day long, it’s hard to set aside time for real exercise. My husband finally got after me to do something. He pushed me out the door after supper each night and told me to go for a walk. At first it was hard to leave the mess and kids, but now I crave it. I’ve worked my way up to a one hour power walk where my whole body is moving at top speed, almost a jog but not. I put on some headphone and listen to energizing music. I feel so good. I changed my eating habits to eat only what’s recommended, cut out snacks, drink more water, and have lost 30 pounds. I wish I had done this earlier. I’m a much better mom for getting more exercise. Fran

My clothes started to feel snug and so I decided to do something about it. I started taking a brisk walk for half an hour a day. I found this really helped. Not long after, I began walking a block, jogging a block, until the half hour was up. That really got my heart rate up. Within a few weeks, I increased it to walking a block, jogging two or three blocks,and repeating that till the half hour was up. Now after a few months, I am jogging almost the whole 30 minutes. I have become really tone, sleep better and am much happier. I wish someone would have told me about this easy way of exercising when I had my first child! Karen

I have felt so sluggish and out of shape after having children. I hate exercise and have no self-discipline to do it on my own. I got a membership at a women’s fitness place called Curves and just love it. I see ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. I get to talk with them while I work out and enjoy that I am in and out within 30 minutes. The machines are set up in a circuit so that I spend only half a minute on each. Just when I begin to hate it, it’s time to change station. I don’t have to think what I’m doing, I just follow the circuit and work out to the music. Before I know it, I’m done and it’s time to go home. Marian

“My exercise these days consists in vigorously going up and down the stairs waving my arms for 20 minutes (listening to a good tape at the same time) followed by 10 mins on our rowing machine. But it could be followed by anything. Nice and cheap and almost does the same as the health club I was going to before Christmas. Thought it might help others. Exercise is so essential.” Kari

“Six years ago, I wanted to do some form of exercise but at the same time I didn’t want to do it alone. So, I needed to find a friend and one that likes the same sport that I like. It wasn’t so easy but I found the friend and I found the sport. One day over coffee, my friend Cathy told me about a Women’s Basketball League. The great thing is that you didn”t have to be a great player,you were there to have fun and exercise. Well, after the first meet,I was in so much pain,like I just gave birth. I couldn’t walk down the stairs to get to the car and trying to drive home was impossible. Thank God Cathy was driving. Anyways, I survived the lingering pain for one week and crazy me, went back the following week. As weeks went by, the pain was less and less and I felt better. I was more patient with the kids and I didn’t need a nap every day. I had more energy to do more for the kids and the husband. In the past six years, we had 2 more babies, and time was even more scarce. But, despite the challenge, I found another form of exercise…walking!!! It is great because you can do other things while your walking….talk, pray, laugh (not by yourself). And, I found that my clothes have a better fit. Many advantages!!
Walking…any time.”

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