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Father, The Family Protector by James Stenson
A MUST READ for husbands and wives. Encouraging, empowering, uplifting and absolutely chock full of great wisdom. James Stenson explores how fathers exercise their powerful and particulary masculine contribution to family life. My husband could not put this book down and has benefited incredibly from the read. So have I. Great info on pre-teen and teen years as well for those seeking good advice.

Compass: A Handbook on Parent Leadership by James Stenson
This is a necessary book in every home. James Stenson is a renowned educator who has dealt extensively with successful families. (His website is later listed) Practical, and powerfully insightful, it summarizes the lessons and experiences of successful parents on topics like: forming character, countering the consumer culture, understanding discipline and dealing with the influence of mass media. A must read for all parents who take their role seriously.

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman
Our family really benefited from this book. Chapman examines his 5 Love Languages to help parents really understand the unique needs of their children and be able to speak their love language. Concrete, practical, very constructive. Watch your relationships and attitudes improve simply and quickly. Chapman also addresses the topics of discipline, anger, single-parenting. Also includes a personal assesment survey for your children so you can clearly discover what makes them feel loved.

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman
Another excellent book similar to his other ones where Chapman applies his 5 Love Languages to teenagers. According to Chapman, parents must learn to express their love in a language that makes sense to their teen. My husband and I found this very insightful. His advice took much of the tension out of our relationships with our teens. He also addresses Independence, Responsibility, Failure, Single Parent Families and Blended Families. A very enlightening book that is constructive, simple and powerful.

The Temperament God Gave You by Art and Laraine Bennett NEW!
This amazingly practical book takes an in-depth look at the four classic temperaments (choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic). It provides an assessment tool and lots of advice on how to get along with similar and different temperaments. A great help in understanding why may clash with our children and what we can do to lessen tension and build relationship. Very insightful. Definitely worth ordering.

Strong Father, Strong Daughters and Strong Mothers, Strong Sons as well as Boys Should Be Boys: Seven Secrets to Raising Healthy Boys all by Dr. Meg Meeker
Extremely practical, constructive and well-researched by a doctor wanting to affirm parents in raising kids with solid character. I have learned so much from reading her books. Excellent reading.

It's Your Kid Not A Gerbilby Dr. Kevin Leman
Written by an internationally renowned psychologist, this practical book focusses on creating happier and less-stressed homes by getting off the activity wheel and discovering the power of family. Absolutely excellent. I highly recommend it.

Raising Good Children by Dr. Thomas Lickona
This book skillfully translates moral development of children into an easy to read book for parents wanting practical insights, tips and strategies to raise children of solid character. A must read.

Bringing Up GEEKS: Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kidsby MaryBeth HicksNEW!
A fantastic read that equips you to raise strong children who can live in the world, but not be worldly. Many practical insights and well-researched. Highly recommended.

Parenting Children with ADHD by Vincent Monastra, PhD
A great read for parents frazzled by over active children who don't seem to follow their lead. Not necessary that your child be diagnosed with anything. Full of great strategies, insights and tidbits that will help you find some compliance in a child who is outgoing, strong-willed and a handful. Many of my friends have benefited, and their children do not have ADHD.

Discipline That Lasts A Lifetime by Ray Guarendi
Written by a child psychologist and father of 10 adopted children, this book is jam packed with humor, practical approaches and solid principles about discipline. Many great insights, strategies and clear advice to help parents get a handle on their kids and learn to steer them in a better direction. My husband and I found this book funny, helpful and thought-provoking.

Preparing for Peer Pressure and Preparing for Adolescence by James Stenson
Two excellent booklets that are inexpensive yet so clear and encouraging on both topics. A must read for parents of young children. They empower you with wisdom that will help minimize difficulties as kids get older. Quick, easy to read, and very insightful.

Successful Fathers by James Stenson
A great booklet to give to your husband as a gift. Examines the role of the father in the family and the ways he can strengthen his positive impact on his children.

Lifeline: On the Religious Upbringing of your Children by James Stenson
A must read for parents concerned about nurturing the minds and souls of their children. Practical advice on parenting, character education and passing on your faith. Worthwhile in every respect.

Anchor by James Stenson
An uplifting and encouraging book that reminds parents that God is always providing his support in raising your children. Great for parents when they feel drained, lacking in hope and weathered by family affairs.

Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate
This book is a loud wake up call for parents. A psychologist and physician join forces to tackle one of the most disturbing and misunderstood trends of our time--peers replacing parents in the lives of our children. The book empowers parents to be the true source of contact, security, warmth and values that children need. An excellent read. Available in bookstores.

Secrets of Discipline by Ron Moorish
A worthwhile read on the importance and method of instilling good habits and attitudes into our children. Positive, practical and insightful, parents will find this book refreshing.

Character Building by David Isaacs
David Isaacs is a father and professor in family studies. This is a meaty read for parents wanting to learn how to build character in their children. It examines the principle characteristics of numerous virtues and indicates what ages are most timely to develop which strengths of character.

Children: Their Training, Formation and Education by Javier Abad and Eugenio Fenoy
An invaluable guide to laying a solid foundation in your child's life. Deals with issues like communication, training the will, forming good criteria, social virtues and education in sexuality, faith and virtues.

Back to the Family by Ray Guarendi
An incredible book that takes you into the lives of America's most successful families and help you see what makes them tick. Offers much, much hope and many excellent parenting strategies for parents. Easily found in most libraries. Guarendi's website is listed later.

"The New Strong Willed Child" and "Dare to Discipline" by James Dobson
Both very good books for parents raising children. Asserts your authority as a parent in raising your children well. Gives you both approaches and confidence in dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting, ie. tantrums, defiance and lack of compliance. James Dobson is a child psychologist, father and founder of Focus on the Family.

Key to the Child's Heart by Gary Smalley
This great book explores proven steps that develop strong loving relationships with your children without compromising your parental authority.

Home Court Advantage by Dr. Kevin Leman
Written by a psychologist, this practical book reminds parents of the invaluable worth of spending time with your children at home. An excellent read for those who want to be the primary influence in their children's lives. A refreshing, common sense pep talk for today's busy parents.

Leaving the Light On by Gary Smalley
Another excellent read on parenting. Explores different personality types and how we can encourage each one to grow to its potential.

The Way They Learn: How to Discover and Teach to Your Child's Strengths by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias
This is an enlightening resource that introduces parents to the variety of learning styles children have. It helps parents become more effective in helping children learn, co-operate and stay focussed on the tasks at hand.

Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
A good book to read when you feel your kids are constantly at each other's throats. Simple, timeless tips on minimizing rivalry and building relationships.

How To Teach Children the Wonder of Sex by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke
A good book for parents of very young children to learn what, when and how to speak to your children about sexuality.

BOYS: Shaping Ordinary Boys into Extraordinary Men by William Beausay II
This is the most positive and uplifting book I have so far read on raising boys. Practical, realistic, empowering and refreshing. I'm not sure if it is still in print. See if you can track it down. ISBN 0-8407-9210-7

BRINGING UP BOYS by James Dobson
Lots of good insight in raising manly boys in today's culture. Topics even deal with issues such as fathers and sons, mothers and sons, boys in school, disciplining boys and cultural attitudes towards masculinity.

Teenage Boys: Shaping the Man Inside by Bill Beausay
An engaging fun book that gives you the tools you need to improve your parenting style, bring out the best in your teenage son, and enjoy the process.

Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong by William Kilpatrick
Written by a Professor of Education, this is an invaluable book on understanding how basic morality is slipping out of schools and society, what we can do about it and goals towards character education. An excellent resource.

Teenagers and their Problems by Gerardo Castillo
I have found this to be a most excellent book for people heading into the teen years. Topics include the stages of adolescence, common problems (rebelliousness, leaving home, shyness and feelings of inferiority), and areas for guidance (study, career choices, free time, use of money and work).


mrscleanjeans' Housekeeping with Kids by Tara Aronson
Highly recommended by Maria D. of Ottawa

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen Covey

How To Really Love your Child by Ross Campbell

How To Really Love your Teen by Ross Campbell

How To Really Love your Angry Child by Ross

Decent Exposure: How To Teach Children About Sex by Connie Marshner

Thrilled by the Chaste by Dawn Eden (this book is for adults only as it deals with one woman's personal story of her life experiences that brought her to embrace chastity in order to find real love)

Good Families Don't Just Happen: What We Learned From Our Ten Sons and How It Can Work for You by Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats and Dr. Joseph Garcia-Prats NEW!


www.cutegirlshairstyles.com A huge assortment of videos on how to do your girls' hair. Very helpful for special occasions. Easy, creative and very worthwhile.

(Ray Guarendi is a father, clinical psychologist and radio host. He shares a wealth of excellent articles and resources to those in the throes of raising a family)

(James Stenson, educator and international speaker, offers excellent advice, articles and books on successful families. He particularly deals with developing solid character and good criteria).

Excellent videos, book lists and resources for parents and schools on raising children with character put out by the Centre for the 4th and 5th R's: Respect and Responsibility. I highly recommend you to sign up for their free e-subscription to their Excellence and Ethics newsletter.
Excellent CD's available from educator Barbara Falk on such topics as teaching manners, understanding your child's temperment, building character, dealing with teenagers. Great to listen to in the car, while you walk or with your spouse.

www.charactercounts.org A great website for educators and parents providing many avenues for instilling great character in youth.

Website for parents put up by Focus on the Family which was founded by Dr. James Dobson. Great resource for articles, books, radio programs, tapes, magazines.

This is one of the websites of Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families. Good articles to read.


"What can I read?" "Are there any more like this one?" "Has she written any other books?" "Is this the right book for him?" "What's this book about?" This excellent website helps parents select good quality books for their children to read. Books are listed according to author, genre, reading age and level of quality.

Another excellent site listing books for children according to age, genre, level of recommendation, as well as a short blurb explaining the book. Very, very useful. Also offers a free subcription to book recommendations. Well worth pursuing.

Put out by Focus on the Family, this website is full of excellent reviews to keep parents informed about movies, videos, music, TV and games. Well worth bookmarking for future reference. A very extensive site of information. Also available in Spanish.

Great website for ratings on new and old movies, DVDs and videos. Gives you detailed information on content ie. levels of profanity, violence, suspense, sex/nudity etc. You can subscribe for extra info, but you can access a lot by just saying No Thanks to the subscription, going to the bottom of the next page, clicking on videos and scrolling past the ads.

A website produced by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops that provides reviews on many movies, videos and television programs.

An excellent parent's guide to children's films. Worth checking out next time you are looking for something good to watch or wondering what's really worthwhile at the theatre. Can even ask for a review of a specific film not listed.

This website offers a family guide to what's on TV. Just click on the day of the week beneath the title and see how show content is rated overall and for sex, violence and language. Gives you also all the info if you would like to write to the producers to give them congrats or complain. Great resource for family TV viewers.