A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

By now we have all experienced the ups and downs of life and have come to realize we are not in control of many things. Some people can easily roll with whatever life throws them, but I have found most of us get caught up in cobwebs, stuck in ruts or spend a lot of time worrying and nursing wounds.

We can all hit moments where we feel our wheels are spinning and we are not happy with our lives. Whether we suffer anxiety, feel overwhelmed or just plain unhappy with what life has sent us, we could use a helping hand. It is wonderful to turn to family or friends for support and advice, but sometimes we need a little bit more. Most recently I have found a lot of super ideas from a podcast I have been listening to. I honestly heard about their website years ago, but never pursued it because I am busy as a parent on the home front and didn’t think it pertained to me.  Another mom recently recommended I check out their podcast to see if anything would help me these days. Out of curiosity I glanced at it, found several immediate topics on what I was challenged by and started listening. I encourage you to do the same. Whether you are washing dishes, driving somewhere, going for a walk or whatever, these 30 minute talks combine science, psychology and daily life in a constructive, growth-oriented model. I love the little things I learn that I can quickly implement.

What is the podcast you may ask???  The Golden Hour.  Always a dialogue between the two people, one being a psychiatrist who speaks well and simply on a variety of topics.

Who puts it out?  Optimal Work.  Don’t let the title fool you! It’s not only about work, but also relationships, inner challenges, what to do when you feel overwhelmed etc.

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