Take Notice of Yourself


Take Notice of Yourself

All day long I am constantly sending messages

… without using my cell phone.

There is never a moment I am not sending a message.

Even when I am silent … much is being said.

Within 5 seconds of seeing me, someone has formed a judgement

About who I am, what I’m like and what I want …

More than words … I speak volumes through my appearance.

It is a silent and powerful language — a visual shorthand.

When I sit, stand, lean over, climb the stairs,

Walk the neighborhood, go for groceries

Or sit on a park bench, people see me.

How do I appear to the person next to me?

Above me? Below me?

What do they see?

What will they look at? What will they think?

Will they consider what my face looks like?

Will they see the real me?

More than an outfit?

More than skin?

A person with personality?

What will they remember about me?

In 5 seconds … an impression has been made.

What kind of person do they think I am?

Realize I have a choice

How I put myself together conveys a strong message

About my values and my goals.

There is a difference between  dressing attractively

And dressing to attract.

People react strongly to how I wear my clothing.

I can control what I communicate

And be seen for who I really am.

At home, at work, at leisure, out and about

It is important to send the right signals.

Make the right impression no matter what you are wearing

No matter where you are going, no matter who you are with

Even just for yourself when you are aloneflower-meadow-g45dbb3b14_1280

Express the truth of who you are

Your great value.

Take control of fashion.

Look great. Be beautiful.

Even when you don’t feel like it.

Impose a healthy point of view.

Consider what you wear,

The colors and the fit.

Express your highest values:

Self-respect, dignity, honor, integrity

in an outward harmony.

Mirror your principles to others

Meaning, purpose, joy

Dare to be truly feminine

Attracting others to the beauty of your eyes

The wonder of your personhood.

Have people take notice of you  in the right way.

Uphold your dignity.   Develop your taste

and sense of elegance.

No matter where you are, what you are doing

Dress with style, grace and a true sense of your self-worth

According to your age

Appropriate to your circumstances.

Be that unique and wonderful human being

Worthy of respect and consideration

A real treasure.

Cherish your intimacy

Hold your head high

You are worthy.

Let your clothes be an advertisement

Of your wonderful human dignity

And bring out the best in those you meet.

It’s all a question of choice.

In 5 seconds, what will they remember about the real me?


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