Care of the Home

Care of the Home

Houses are not homes, they are mere shells. You make a difference when you set up a home. You take the bare walls and empty rooms and turn them into a part of yourself, an extension of who you are. There is no place like home. Home is where you feel comfortable, where you belong. Home is where you go to refresh yourself, relax and be surrounded by what you hold most dear. Ladies you play a big part in making your house a home by your daily efforts. Never underestimate what a difference you make!!

Homes should say something about who you are. The size of the home is not the issue. It’s the ambiance that matters. Your home should be welcoming, warm, peaceful, restful. Discover the ways you can underline these qualities. Even the colors you choose for the walls can display your family’s personality – warm, vibrant, calm, peaceful, exciting etc. Your home should show your past and your present – pictures of parents, relatives, family members, friends. Some people like to take their favorite trip pictures and frame them for their walls. They remind them of good times, far away places and make great conversational pieces. Your home can be a place of culture. Art, handicrafts, wallhangings, pictures, articles from other lands, our ancestry etc. help to beautify the house and give it a sense of origin. Color co-ordination, furniture placement, positioning of pictures create a sense of harmony, comfort, and order. You don’t need a lot of money to make a house a home – just your added touches here and there – memorable purchases with your husband, family heirlooms, vacation souvenirs, special gifts from people you love, etc. They make your home unique, help you belong and trigger good memories. It need not cost a lot. Be creative and seriously consider how you are building a home for your family through your regular efforts. There are many excellent websites, books and magazines available to help you achieve this. Use your flair for detail to transform your home into a warm cozy haven. Hanging plants, meaningful pictures, pretty tablecloths, flowers – all add to the tone. Together these details do make a difference. Your work to keep your home neat and tidy also speaks volumes about how highly you value home.

Home is where each family member goes to rejuvenate themselves, put their feet up, let it all hang out. Make this special place uphold the worth of who you are, where you have come from and where you hope to go. Family, faith, friends, fun and hobbies can all take on a presence. You don’t need a lot. Too many knickknacks make clutter. A few well placed articles add elegance, warmth and dignity to a room. Your home thereby becomes a personal space that is attractive, inviting and refreshing. It is a means to well-being for all who enter. Highly value your efforts in home care.

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