Do you find it hard to stay on top of fashion, never mind get out to buy clothes for yourself? Do you let your appearance slide and think “who cares” I’m at home? Yet as a woman and especially a mom, it is important to look terrific and stunning! Yes ladies, I am referring to YOU and me! We are amazing gals who should dress to reflect our self-respect, dignity and worth. Moms, we are the most important women in our families. WE are the blueprint for our children’s perception of femininity and motherhood. So let’s make the effort and visibly show them the joy and value we place on being woman and being Mom.

People will judge you within 5 seconds of seeing you. What kind of message do you want them to see? She looks uneducated, tired and uninteresting. Oh, she’s only a stay-at home mom, she doesn’t have much to offer? NO!!! Ladies, don’t let your appearance slide. Don’t give into that temptation. Your image speaks volumes about your values, your personality and your beliefs. Dress up, dress feminine and take care of those little details out of respect for yourself, and love for your husband, your daughters and your sons. In today’s society, your family needs YOUR example. Be a woman who puts fashion at the service of a pure and noble love.

Take care of your hair, your makeup, and your clothes to look as good as you can within your circumstances. No time, right? Take the time; make the time. Just start. Keep it simple, do it within your budget but do look terrific. It’s time to learn about your figure, colors that suit you, and styles that complement your beauty. Glance through flyers and on-line ads to learn the styles. Shop with a friend who’s willing to give you advice. Spend some money on yourself. Why? If you’re single, your image should reflect your values and personal self-confidence. There is a difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract.  If your clothing is too tight or too revealing, your message is that the object is more important than the subject. Instead wrap yourself with elegance and taste so people want to get to know the real you. If you are married, realize your husband needs to keep his eyes and his heart on you, and not be distracted by the glamorous women at work. Your efforts show how much you love him. Your children need a clear, attractive presentation of a woman who lives by high ideals. They need to learn what it means to be feminine, attractive, how to look good and be good, without compromising personal dignity. This is not vanity, nor frivolity, but good use of time, money and energy. You will be impressed how you will have more energy, behave more professionally, act with greater self- composure and work more productively because you dress well.  So dress for success to positively impact yourself, all those around you and especially your family.  Do your best to be attractive, elegant and modest. In this way you will highlight the true worth of a life lived with love.  Here are some ideas to get you started:


A great book to help you is Mary Sheehan Ward’s It’s So You: Fitting Fashion for Life.

The Thoughtful Girls’ Guide to Fashion, Communication and Friendship by Mary Sheehan Warren
A practical guide for girls on the art of communicating through your words, actions, dress and demeanor that you are a person with value and dignity.

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